Farewell Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina you are so many things. You are mountains, you are hills, you are Mediterranean, you are city. You still bare the scars of many wars and genocide however you are full of culture and spirit. The call to prayer is beautiful. The churches, mosques, and synagogues are rich with history and spirituality. Spring water flows freely across the city. Your streets bustle with shops, smells, and sounds. Shelled out buildings, Sarajevo roses, amputees, and bullet holes are still present even though the war has been over for twenty-years. Despite the atrocities that occurred in the war you are trying to move forward. You will never forget what happened in the war and I will never forget the stories that I heard. Every person from Hasan to the faculty and the University of Sarajevo have such passion for life and this place despite what they have been through. The strength and soul of the people is what makes up the heart of Bosnia.

Thank-you Bosnia for letting me visit. I have not completely processed what this experience means yet. I know that it will have a lasting experience on my life and my career as a social worker.

DSCF0174 (1)DSCF0375 (1)IMG_0520


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