Going Home

Sunset over SarajevoToday was our last full day in Sarajevo, and a small group of us went to the 1984 Olympic Stadium. It was a long walk through neighborhoods that we hadn’t walked through before, and we made mental note of what heights around the stadium may have existed as sniper nests. I wanted the experience to be less depressing; I wanted the stadium to have forgotten the war and the bodies. I wanted Sarajevo to forget the siege. This won’t happen, and the war shouldn’t be forgotten.   Sarajevo and the country of Bosnia i Herzegovina are transitioning.  The scars still show on the buildings and the faces of the people after 20 years.  These scars are the strength of the people, the cities and the country.
I was cognizant throughout the day of my privilege to go home. Millions of Bosniaks will not go home. For some, going home means returning to a home governed by the same group responsible for the atrocities who fired at them with rifles and mortar shells into their homes. Some women will never return to their home areas after rape; and of course, the murdered Muslim men and boys will never return home to their families.
I will be forever changed by this trip. I have a newfound respect for this privilege to go home, the opportunity to continue to thrive and travel. I hope to continue to bring this humility to all areas of my practice and personal life.


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