I cannot believe this is our last day here. I wish I could bask on this sun drenched patio forever, spending days discussing the politics and issues of a transitioning country while spending nights savoring the unique blend of cultures one can only find here. Bosnia, thank you for a whirlwind of emotions and knowledge that is incomparable to any experience I have had in my life thus far.
I have not processed this trip completely yet, so I look forward to continuing this inner journey as it informs my social work practice and my general way of life in America. I chose to go into social work because it is such an expansive field. In my first year of school as I stressed about choosing a concentration and felt the pressure of impending job searches I believe I lost sight of what it truly means to be a social worker and why I went into the field in the first place. This trip has rejuvenated me tenfold- my passion has sparked in all kinds of different areas here concerning issues of a nation in transition and truly reminds me of the great work that social workers do every day, both here and in America. I am returning home with a fresh perspective on privilege, multiculturalism and empowerment thanks to my time here in Bosnia.
I also appreciate what I learned about humanity itself. I know that the small smile I exchanged with Saliha that day will stay with me forever- after all she has been through and continues to struggle with she finds reasons in life each day to smile. From these small but cherished moments to the big picture resilience that practically knocks you off your feet here I will forever appreciate how the rebuilding of this country represents the peace, resilience and tolerance of which humanity is capable.

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