First Impressions

My first impression of Sarajevo was of beauty. Even from the plane I could see that it was unlike anything I had experienced before. Having traveled around the world, I had seen a number of different places and landscapes, yet this was something completely foreign. There were some buildings scattered on the green hills surrounding the city in a variety of architectural motifs. It looked like something out of a story, not like the warm beaches or high mountains I had seen elsewhere.

The next day we had our walking tour of the city. You could tell that the city had a rich history, one filled with a number of different dominant cultures. Yet you could also see the damage that remained from the war. It also seemed as though this was the meeting point of the Islamic culture to the east and the European culture to the west. This was due to the seemingly homogeneity of the people, differentiated often mainly by clothing (as discussed in detail by certain members of the group).


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