First Impressions

The first few days, needless to say, have been incredibly busy. There was the arrival to the city, attempting to getting ones bearings in a city so old it forgoes the grid pattern we are so used to, the first tours, and, of course, the first day of the internship. Constantly inundated with new information, a new culture, and new surroundings, it is difficult to form an overarching first impression.

For me, one of these many impressions comes from the speed of the city. Coming from the U.S. and a short trip to Germany to visit friends, the slower speed to everything here (except the cars!) is still, 4 days later, something I am attempting to come to terms with. People here stroll casually, stop to talk with friends, family, and acquaintances. Starting times are also slower with the day starting later and coffee breaks taking far more time than I am accustomed to.

In regards to work, I am excited for this new experience. I readily admit to the culturally ingrained ideas about 9-5 work and ideas about speeds (even rushing while exploring a city without an end goal). I feel like this could be an excellent moment of growth for me, as it will challenge many of my type-A personalities and my ideas about how learning works.


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