Moving Fast and Slow

This weeks marks my first month abroad, away from Denver, and the end of our second week in Sarajevo. Somehow this place slows down and speeds up time simultaneously. Time is slowed by long afternoons drinking coffee until the sun angles horizontal with the streets, so the umbrellas don’t do much good and you’re wondering why you’re drinking caffeine at this time of day. The days fly by when dinner lasts three hours and six courses for Iftar (the meal at the end of the day during Ramadan), and all of a sudden it’s 11:30 pm and past my regularly scheduled bed time.

The beginning of my time in Sarajevo has been this oddly mixed pace, that leaves me falling asleep hard and fast every night. At my internship with Green Visions, I spend most of the mornings and afternoons becoming acquainted with the office, website, and social media. The online presence of Green Visions and Via Dinarica (the long distance hiking trail in the Balkans) easily sells itself with beautiful vistas and rich cultural traditions.

Later in the afternoon, the pace accelerates and I start to wonder where the day has gone. Yesterday, I walked around town looking for bike shops to rent out road bikes for the marathon from Bihac to Srebrenica, which is probably akin to finding a vegan restaurant in rural Kentucky. The plan is to ride as a part of the Green Visions group and experience all of the Bosnian countryside from next Wednesday-Friday. The ride is a part of the Srebrenica 20-year memorial, and roughly 270 people are preregistered for the race. I am so appreciate of Green Visions for taking me on this summer, and connecting me with the passionate people and unique landscapes of the Balkans.


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