Mostar Bridge, Kravice Falls & Makarsa

Last weekend we had a busy couple of days. We got to go to the beautiful town of Mostar followed by Kravice Falls for our Friday class excursion. The old town of Mostar is famously known for the beautiful Ottoman Bridge (Stari Most) built in the 16th Century. The original bridge was blown up in the war in the civil war in1993 and was recently reconstructed in 2004. There are local young men who collect money from tourists to dive off of the 24 meter fall. We unfortunately did not get to witness any of these jumps, but here is the annual 449th bridge diving competition coming up at the end of July.
After we spent the day walking around Mostar, we headed to Kravice Waterfalls, a beautiful park that puts Hanging Lake in Colorado to shame. This is one of my favorite places I have been to since I arrived in Bi-H. We got to spend the rest of the (hot) afternoon swimming in the lake and jumping off of the waterfalls. Afterwards, I enjoyed a nice cold beer at the waterside bar and cafe.
After a day in Mostar and at Kravice Falls, a few students from the group rented a car and drove to Makarska, Croatia for 4th of July weekend. After getting mildly lost a couple of times, we finally arrived in Makarska late Friday night and were not disappointed by the beautiful scenery and clear, blue waters. We spent Saturday on an isolated beautiful beach on Sumatra island. The next day we weren’t so lucky and spent the morning on the busy beaches of Makarska. Overall, I had a great 4th of July weekend filled with beautiful old cities, waterfalls and crystal clear waters




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