My fellow DU “Sarajevoans” arrived back from the Peace March and Commemoration on Sunday, and I couldn’t have been happier to see them.  While they were gone my days were filled and yet there was an emptiness in the hostel that can only be filled with them.  I enjoy having my three roommates around.  Ask me again in a month and perhaps my story will be different, but for now, I’m enjoying the constant slumber party feel we have in the hostel.  And so far, no fights over the bathrooms, which I find VERY impressive.

Hearing their stories and reading their blog posts, reminds me of the kindness our human species is capable of.  The Bosnians are grieving and commemorating a horrific period in their lives and/or the lives of their loved ones, and yet the DU Sarajevoans felt an abundance of gratitude, generosity, and kindness from them.  I am vicariously grateful and inspired, once again, by my fellow students here and the beautiful strong people of Bosnia.  They are resilient in a way we don’t often see – their laughter is bright, their kindness encompassing, and their bravery, courageous.  I adore my people here – all of us.

Last night all of the other students went to a fudbal game, and although I think it would be a neat cultural experience, I don’t love big rambunctious crowds (the riot police were there just in case), so I stayed at the hostel.  Ann headed upstairs and I hung out with Hassan and another long-term boarder from Eqypt.  And as the night went on, our hosts returned from the French Ambassador’s Bastille Party and began feeding me and all of the other boarders who were present.  Sead and Naida have a garden and he has been bringing little pears for us to eat – “All natural,” he says, “No chemicals, fresh.” That’s just the way I like them, Sead.  And while I was being fed and kept company, my buddies returned and were also fed (when it comes to food and drink here, no is not an option).

11059885_10103305566315434_7747237506097431237_n (2)

I continue to feel grateful for the way we have been embraced into the lives of our hostel family, friend-families, and with each other.


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