The Road to Srebrenica: 1 Million Bones


Last weekend I went with my internship (P-CRC) to Srebrenica for the twenty year genocide memorial. P-CRC has been working on a project called 1 Million Bones: Road to Srebrenica for several years. The project brought together over 60 youth from across the Balkan region to lay more than 100,000 bones on the Potocari old battery factory grounds. After the initial day of laying the bones, P-CRC held a press conference that educated participants about topics related to genocide prevention, peace building, and transitional justice. The youth participants then joined PCRC at the 20th Commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide on July 11th. The bones will be used as a permanent art installation in Potocari as a way to educate future generations of what happened in Srebrenica. I felt extremely honored and proud to be part of this huge project. I was very inspired to year various multi-ethnic youth around the Balkans discuss peace reconciliation, and moving forward together in a society town apart by extreme nationalism and war. The project was truly an educational, eye-opening experience.


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