The Magical Land of Montenegro

Last weekend a group of us headed down to the beautiful country of Montenegro. I had heard that Montenegro was easy on the eyes, but I couldn’t believe the amazing natural beauty in the contrast of the rigid, sky-high mountains and the turquoise clear water that shot out between them. The drive from Sarajevo to Kotor was enough alone to satisfy a weeks worth of sight-seeing, lest actually seeing the amazing beaches and magical castles that wound their way from the edge of the water up rigid mountain sides. Friday morning we scaled the walls of the Kotor’s fortress of San Giovanni, a rigorous 1,350 steps in the 100 degree heat. The incredible views at the top made the hike more than worth it. We happened to stumble on a “medium-size” (30,000 people) European music festival Friday night called Sea Dance. The festival is held on Jaz Beach, in Budva and has several stages hosting a variety of music. We spent most of our night at the electronic stage, where you can watch the artists while you go for a dip in the water. Saturday we spent the day on the crowded city beach in Budva, where we happened to come across the best gelato stand in the Balkans. Sunday we headed to a slightly less crowded beach outside of Kotor. Sunday evening we took the scenic, but long 5 hour car ride back to Sarajevo. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend getaway and I can honestly say that Montenegro might qualify as the most beautiful country I ever been too yet.


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