Week 3 -My Favorite Image

So far this trip, my favorite image has to be when I went up to Bijeljina with my internship, in northern Bosnia for USAID’s Sustainable Housing groundbreaking event. I watched as U.S. Ambassador Cormack handed the keys of a lovely, brand new, flood resistant home to an elderly 79 years old grandmother. She had been internally displaced multiple times since the war and this was her fourth shelter since then, but this was her first real home since then. The woman was weeping with joy and just kept saying thank you over and over again. USAID partnered up with UNDP to provide 150 families that were victims of the devastating floods last year, with new flood resistant homes. They were lovely houses whose foundations had been constructed 4 feet about ground. They were each small in diameter but were two stories tall and had solar panels to cut down the electricity bills. The families had to agree not to rent or sell their new homes for the next 10 years, but other than that the American Embassy was providing these homes for free, courtesy of the American people. That’s an image I’ll never forget and one that made me very proud of our country and of all  the work that goes unnoticed and under the radar.



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