Week Two -First Impression of Sarajevo

My outlook on Sarajevo has changed substantially from last year to this year. When I visited Sarajevo last summer, my impression was just that it was a nice, peaceful, small city and that was about it. It was just another stop on my tour of the Balkans. This year, it has been different because of everything I have learned since then about the siege that took place from 1992-95. One thing I’ve noticed is I have caught myself staring up at the hills surrounding the city quite often. Last year, I hardly paid attention to them past the first day, but because I now have a more nuanced understanding of how those hills were used to lay siege on the innocent people in Sarajevo. Serb military forces embedded themselves in those hills and launched shells and sniper fire directly into the city. I think because of that I’ve been catching myself scanning those same hills frequently.


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