Concluding Celebrations

Towards the end of the program, there were a few parties thrown and other gatherings. The first of these was at the Center for Healthy Aging (perhaps not surprising due to its name, this is the only non-smoking place in Sarajevo). It was supposedly an American party, and some of the girls had made a lot of food for the party. However, when we arrived, the food prepared for us was much more than what we brought. Additionally, the food varied from tacos to burek. There was a massive amount of food, both Bosnian and American. We stayed there talking and drinking coffee until everybody else had left.

The next party was just a few days later. It was a birthday party for two of the people at Wings of Hope, Nikki and Paulo. Everybody from the program was invited to Wings of Hope, and we had a barbecue, again with massive amounts of food. This time, people left at staggered times; I was the last of the program people to leave.

The next week, days before our program was over, the people working at Wings of Hope were invited to Maja’s garden home for a small gathering of people. Unfortunately, Annalisa and Arista couldn’t join, so it was smaller than intended. However, once again, there was large amounts of food (seems to be a trend in Bosnia). I ate a ton and actually ended up falling asleep in a lawn chair for a bit. Overall, these gatherings were terrific, with a lot of food and a great way to conclude the summer.


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