Final Reflections

Looking back on my time spent in Sarajevo this summer I feel extremely grateful and hopeful. Entering into the program, my main goal was simply an internship in a foreign country, I never would have thought it would be in Bosnia or that I would enjoy it so much. I thought I would get some internship akin to any you can find in the United States where I simply sit behind a desk and do menial work. I thought, if it wasn’t that, it would be a position entirely unrelated to my area of study, because I thought of the program as an extension of the Graduate School of Social Work. My expectations were drastically different from my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the work I was doing, and the people I met at the internship are people with whom I will continue to keep in contact. While my job did concern the social welfare of the people in Sarajevo and was not explicitly for a corporation, I was able to learn through my experiences and the people around me how what I did connected with my field of study.

I would love to return to Sarajevo in the future, and I would love to work with the people I worked with this past summer. Fortunately, the people there have suggested they want me back too, so I very well might end up back in Sarajevo after graduating.


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