Srebrenica: A personal examination

Visiting Srebrenica was a very eye-opening experience. Srebrenica as an event had been discussed within our group extensively, and is a major focus for many concerning the war. This is mainly because of its identification as a genocide, the first on European soil since World War II. At Srebrenica, thousands of people, supposedly under the protection of Dutch forces for the UN, were massacred, and many more were forced to march for days from Srebrenica to safety even as Serbian forces continued to hunt them down.

Having learned about this historical event in class and through reading, I thought I had some knowledge of what happened. However, meeting people like Saliha and Hassan who had both lost loved ones in the massacre, made me aware of it on a more personal level. I was able to talk to these people who had lived this event, and I learned how it truly impacted their lives and how it continues to impact their lives today. This was extraordinarily valuable to me, as I was truly able to connect with people and see on a personal level the effects of such a historical event.


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