Maison CoCo, I love you so


So everyone that knew me in Sarajevo that last couple of months knew about the amazing French Bakery down the street from our hostel in Sarajevo. After the first bit of a chocolate almond crossaint, I was immediately obsessed with the heaven of Maison CoCo. My mouth waters at just the mere thought of a Maison CoCo pastry or croissant. I first came to know Masion the first week of being in Sarajevo when some friends from my internship took me for lunch. Needless to say, I have been absolutely hooked ever since. I have also had a fondness for eating chocolate for breakfast, in particular chocolate croissants. The explosion of the orgasmic first bite of the chocolate almond croissant is incomparable with any food I could describe. Every time I dance up to the small, order-to-go window, I smile unabashedly as a I breathe in and gawk at the sweet smell of fresh bread and pastries. I don’t necessarily consider myself a foodie, but Maison CoCo is my heaven in a basket, or should I say little brown paper bag. I decided to write a little poem for my love for Maison CoCo.


Maison CoCo,
How I miss you so
who knew heaven could be found in a brown paper bag?
chocolate, almond delights, baguettes, espresso,
I could never tell myself no.
the first bite I was hooked
will anything ever taste so good?
 sugar, butter, cream
simple, but its all I need.
right down the street you, were within arms reach
now I am half way around the world
and I am one sad girl.
nothing will ever replace
my love for you will remain.



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