Coming home…and leaving one behind.

I’ve been trying to find the best way to effectively put into words my experience and associated feelings for my life this summer in Sarajevo.  To say it’s difficult, is a voracious understatement.  I’m brought to near tears and my heart feels full when I consider the friendships I built, the stories I heard about the war, how connected I felt with people I knew for a few weeks to only a few months.  I was cared for and about.  I knew that if I was hurt, sick, sad, confused, or scared, I had people to turn to – and those they directed me to, also cared about helping me.   This may seem self-centered.  I hope I gave back as much as I was given.  But this is the experience that swells within me when I remember Sarajevo. 20150811_230434

We hear often about traveling to “third world countries” and unsafe war-torn places, and for many, Bosnia is on this list. The first thing I tell people is how beautiful the country and the people are. How warm and safe I felt while I was there. That I recommend they look into experiencing the culture and country for themselves. And that no, it is not a “third world country” it is a recovering country. And most people I spoke with felt the same – we are all human, we all bleed the same, we need to be one country again without religious discrimination (we understand that here, don’t we).

20150731_152410One day I hope to return to one of my favorite countries. I will visit my friends, the natural beauty, the clean water accessible everywhere (for animals and human-animals alike), and the little big city that I fell in love with. And I hope my friends and readers do as well. And please, don’t change it to meet your perception and beliefs of perfection. And don’t believe everything you see or read in the media.  Experience it yourself, you’ll see…

Bosnia first full day 145

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