Education Inspiring Social Change

After visiting the University today, I was astounded to learn about the two schools under one roof. It seemed so hard to grapple with hearing how there is still so much division after the war with minimal effort to create a societal reunification.

I think the best part of both lectures today was hearing the passion from each instructor and how they know the division is a problem. It seems like the motto of “United we stand. Divided we fall” is only half true in the sense of Bosnia. The peace that exists in this country seems to be on the cusp of change and whether the change is positive or negative is a result the actions taken by those in a position of power.

It seems like creating positive change and unification is an uphill battle in Bosnia and I find it heartbreaking because there is such a sense of “us” and “them” and it feels incredibly overwhelming and the work the social workers are doing is inspiring to hear about. I love the way the social workers want to mobilize towards positive change and that they are able to take ideas and put them into action.



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