Lost in Translation

Flying to Bosnia

As I was arriving to the airport I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never traveled to a country where I did not know the language. The whole experience of traveling to a different country is always exciting but traveling to Bosnia was different. I was excited but also nervous. I was a bit stressed when I couldn’t see a sign that was in English and when I did I would have a sigh of relief when I knew which gate or where I needed to go for my next flight. Once I arrived in Istanbul I finally felt like my journey to Bosnia had begun. I no longer understood the language that was being spoken around me.

When I arrived to Sarajevo, I was so excited that I finally made it. The place that I have log waited for us finally in my sight. I was picked up by a kind man where his sign read “residence room.” As he took me to Hotel Kovači, he told me stories about each building that we passed, Federation and RS lines that split each side of the country. The readings for class came to life and I started to see the beauty and also the ruins from the Genocide.

The first consisted of touring the neighborhood and the day after we toured the whole city, the tunnel, and the bob sled run. Jadranka, our amazing Bosnian your guide, showed us every historical site in the city and in other places of Bosnia that had so much meaning behind them. I was surprised to see shell damage on the building still to this day. Something that has stayed with throughout this whole journey thus far is something our tour guide said. “We didn’t know whether to run or slow down because we didn’t know if the bullets were in front or behind us…” She spoke about her experiences as she took us in the tour and how life was back then.

During our discussion, I started to think about why I never learned about this before. It’s surprises me how much media has the power to control situations that are ongoing in the world and why Bosnia never made it to the news. It shows me as a media driven world that some countries are more important than others. So far I’ve learned a lot in the past two days that I’m still gathering all the information to make sense of everything. I’m so shocked of how much hurt can come from so much power.


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