Changes can happen with Dedication

imageThe ICTY Youth Outreach Project is an amazing program. I was amazed at Almir’s passion to educate high school students and students from the university about war crimes and the Tribunal. What I found most profound was his dedication to teach young people about the genocide and rape used as a weapon of war. I was so intrigued by his approach to teach them by using stories to relate to what happened and how to engage them into learning something they may or may not believe in. Especially with his commitment to visit other parts of BiH. He had such a way to convey the material without offending anyone but allowing the listeners to take the information and process it themselves.

I was curious to learn more about the differences he has observed when educating the high school students versus the university students… Whether there differences of opinion among different age groups. I was impressed to learn that he not only presents in BiH but in Croatia and Serbia too. Today, I learned that with full dedication you can accomplish anything. He made it seem doable and make a difference by addressing the social problems in BiH.


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