Personal Growth

During my experiences in Bosnia, I have learned about the regrowth the of the cities and people, how communities have banned together to rebuild families, and have found a piece of myself that I can only find during travel. As I travel the world and meet new people I gain a sense of who I am and who I want to become. The people here in Bosnia show amazing resilience and strength, both physically and emotionally and that empowers me to think about my life and even change my perspective on life events.

Before I left for this trip I was asked many times “why Bosnia?” Or “is it even safe there?” I always responded with generic answers like “because I love traveling” or “I did not want to miss this opportunity.” While these answers are true I have come to realize that those answers are not the true reason. I came for the people, culture, and to experience a different way of life not experienced back home. I came to find a piece of myself that will allow me to continue to grow and add another piece of the puzzle of who I am.

I have felt close connections with girls in the class and in an odd way to the city of Sarajevo. This city has provided me with countless opportunities to see the amazing work done by the ICTY, the Sarajevo School of Social Work, and other non profit agencies. I can only hope that their work continues to benefit the city and that people will set aside their cultural and religious differences to return to its nickname of “Jeruselum: of Eastern Europe. As I sit here writing this listening to the cull to prayer I can am grateful that I was given this opportunity to reflect on my growth.


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