This trip to Bosnia has been one that has impacted me on a level I didn’t know possible. I have met some amazing people and to see their ability to overcome tragedy and move forward has been the greatest message of hope.

These last few days have been a interesting in that I feel the depth of the conversations has sunk in and I am beginning to process all I have heard and experienced. It seems as though there is no reprieve from the atrocities that plague modern society. This has been the most difficult part of this journey. In my efforts to be present here in Bosnia, I am bombarded with tragedy from the U.S.

To experience a day where we were able to embrace beauty and culture to a new level with Mostar and Kravica Falls, I am reminded that there is still much work towards tolerance in my own country of origin. The attack on the club in Florida has left a hole in my heart for the families, both biological and chosen in pain. I find myself needing to spend most nights alone so that I can process this experience and get the best understanding of my own feelings.

The visit to the Embassy today was not what I expected or hoped for. To be in a meeting with someone who denied there being any segregation in the US and to talk about imposing the ideals of the US onto the Bosnian culture instead of being more an ally in the rebuilding process left a bitter taste in my mouth. I don’t believe we can tell a country how to fix itself when our own country is in a political battle and contentious presidential election nomination year. With all the rhetoric of hate and intolerance, our country is breeding fear and I worry it will have a profound negative impact on our culture. I was so eager to leave the Embassy and spend time back near the hotels where everyone seems to desire peace and is friendly and accepting of so many others


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