Unexpected Joy

Visiting the Kravica Falls, we were immersed in one of those spectacularly beautiful places that just takes your breath away. While it was COLD some of us decided to jump into the water a few of us took our chances swimming across the large pool over to the falls (despite the water snakes we had seen swimming around). The swim itself was not the most pleasant, but standing under those falls and looking out at the beautiful scenery was just magical. Its moments like that – filled with joy and gratitude – that make me feel so lucky to have this opportunity.

When I was preparing to leave for Sarajevo and in the weeks leading up to my departure I had spent a lot of time preparing myself mentally (as much as one can) for the pain and sorrow that we would be learning about as we spent our two weeks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. While there have been many moments of deep sadness as we meet survivors, view footage of the massacres and travel around to the various sites of the war, the most palpable feeling for me most days is joy. I was caught off guard by this feeling at first, unsure of how I felt enjoying these days as much as I was. I have come now to recognize that this joy comes from the beauty of this place and the wonderful people we have been meeting. I am doing my best to take a cue from them to live each day to the fullest and to slow down and really cherish this life we are so lucky to have. For that, hvala (thank you), Sarajevo.



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