imageToday we hiked to Lukomir, the most isolated village in the Balkan area. It is the most populated village at the highest altitude and it currently has 25 people living in it. After driving to a trailhead to begin the hike, it took us about two and a half hours to get there. It was a stunning hike!! I know the Sound of Music was set in Austria and not Bosnia but it looked so much like the Sound of Music setting! Stunning mountains, beautiful green rolling pastures, rushing streams, so many bright vibrant flowers. It felt so good to get outside and see some beautiful nature scenery while we are here! We encountered a snake and some iffy water crossings but we made it! I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting what we saw. I know super remote villages exist in the world but I have never before seen one or visited one myself. I had a hard time fathoming real people live there.

After a very long and tiring hike, a woman from the village made us fresh sirnica – which are cheese pies! Everyone on this trip knows very well by now my obsession with sirnica- I have eaten some I think every single day that we’ve been here with the exception of our two days in Srebrenica. They are just so delicious. So imagine my excitement when after a big hike we reach an extremely remote village without a single store or restaurant to find that we are having the freshest homemade sirnica made just for us by a woman in the village. We all sat outside in front of this stunning view and she brought out all the food and we ate picnic style. It was hands down the best sirnica of the trip!! I am not a big hiker as I am not in fantastic shape and I was a little nervous about how today would go but it ended up being one of my favorite days of the program so far. Women in the village make these beautiful wool socks from the sheep they keep. I got a pair and can’t wait to try them out! Getting to take in the stunning views and exploring this tiny village was so much fun and unveiled a whole new layer to this beautiful country.


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