Bosnia pride

Everyone we have met on this trip has shown pride in being from Bosnia and/or being Bosnian. The featured image I chose is a graffiti shot down in alley of a soldier holding a gun. Next to the soldier someone wrote “Love this city. I defend this city.” Graffiti is controversial art depending on who you talk to but however it is viewed, the moral to me, is that someone had a reason enough ti broadcast this message of pride over a sensitive nature. This idea and graffiti image stuck in my mind because it encompasses alot of what I have seen and learned about he Bosnian culture and specifically, its people. No matter how difficult, little hope, and disheartening frustration there is towards the history and the government I havr yet to hear anyone speak ill of their country itself. Is there frustration towards all the issues of social justic, economy, and political nature? Absolutely, however there is still a sense of pride and resilience that cannot be overlooked. That is what stands out to me as being a source of continuance and I am guessing this is a little taste of what thr city of Sarajevo and the Bosnian army demonstrated when they held the city during the siege. The people could not be oppressed to the point where they succumbed completely to the Serbian army and this unimaginable situation of determination to survive is a concept I cannot grasp. I am in awe of whatever you would call that and I woukd like to work towards inheriting similar features for myself to carry me through difficult times. Bosnia may be a poor country still very much torn up in its infrastructure, however, there is much that can be learned from what resources they do have even coming from a much larger and more modernized county such as the US that has little to do with money, power, and/or materialistic resources.


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