Don’t forget ’93.

image.jpegOn the other side of the bridge in Mostar, carved into a rock reads “Don’t forget ’93.” A bouquet of flowers fashioned from grenades and bullets sits on top. The bridge, now a beautiful scene connecting the valley, was once an iconic symbol of the damage that is done when we are divided. The bridge was completely distroyed during the war leaving no way to connect the two sides.  As we’ve learned over the last two weeks, Bosnia is still a country divided, where narratives continue to drive each other a part and the horrors experienced here aren’t always recognized. But, Bosnia is so much more. It is a country where bridges have and can be rebuilt and people open their homes and hearts. It is a land that is bursting with potential. Bosnia, and the world, mustn’t forget the past. I know I will never forget what I’ve seen here, what I’ve heard.  Now, Bosnia and the world’s future must be constructed so we don’t repeat the past and can instead reveal in the beauty and grace of this land and its people.


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