Lijepa Zemlja


I remember seeing the bridge in a video that Sladja sent right before starting our classes to prepare for the Bosnia trip. I was so amazed at everything I saw in that video. I’m quite skeptical of places I’m visiting whether or not they’ll live up to their potential in photos. I grew up thinking several places were beautiful but upon arriving to several of these destinations I was a bit disappointed of how much photoshop went into landscape photography to attract tourist. Bosnia, well it’s a different story.

I took this photo of the bridge with out any edits or changing the lighting. I was amazed of the beauty of this country and how these pictures represent everything that I saw with my own eyes. I’ve never seen such beauty before and such strength from a country that has gone through so much. The people from BiH have such kind hearts and represent all that it is to be hospitable. I’ve fallen in love with this country and have enjoyed seeing lush green forests.

This country is beautiful. The people are amazing. The photos and videos of Bosnia are real and truly represent the beauty of this wonderful country.


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