Stop and Breathe

20160616_140019After hiking about 7 miles along the edge of a breathtaking canyon and up the side of a mountain I came across the tiny village of Lukomir. With a population of roughly 25, it is the most populated village located at the highest elevation in Bosnia.

The town is old and was not touched by the war. It is a self-sustaining village where everything is grown and made there. I even got a cute pair of wool socks! The food was delicious and our host family was very warm and welcoming. She made us cheese and potato cakes and offered tea and coffee.

The whole setting of today reminded me that life is not a race and to slow down to enjoy the beautiful scenery in this world along with the company of good people. While on top of the mountain, I felt a sense of peace. All I could hear was the conversation of our group and the wind. No traffic. No city noises. It was nice. I think it was a good ending to my time in Bosnia because I have been in the hustle and bustle of the city and traveling to other towns constantly meeting new people and having a ton of information thrown my way. The relaxation of this hike reminded me that grounding myself in the moment can be the best way to recover, especially when done in nature. I will take this adventure as a reminder to stop and breathe and just soak in the moment.


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