What hope looks like


This picture is one of the most meaningful I have taken on this trip. There is a musical group singing at the anniversary of the Centar in Sarajevo. Some of the meaning is clear, as you can see the smiles and closeness of the group and audience. The traditional accordion and their age suggests the music is traditional, and it was.

What you can’t see is that this Centar has been open for 20 years, and was built for all ethnicities (and non smoking!) to come together and rebuild a war torn community. Many people lost their families, left their homes, or experienced traumatic events in their lifetime, but you would not know any of that from this photo. For Bosnians of all ethnicities to be happily celebrating Ramadan and forming relationship is a remarkable accomplishment in the current political climate of Bosnia, yet you cannot see any divides here.

A celebration, a community, laughter, and music.

This is hopefully the past and future of Bosnia captured for a moment, and as with the rest of the week, I feel humbled to have witnessed it.


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