Bosnia- A Reflection

Its been almost two weeks since I have returned to Colorado. I have had a constant stream of people asking me about my trip and wanting to see pictures. Each time I talk with someone about my trip it allows me to process my experiences in a different way. Some people want to talk about the difficult experiences, while others want to know more about the fun things I did. To me, each experience has had a lasting impact on my life. I truly believe I came home a different person.

13346542_10101735643488643_4777279355661700122_nOn a side note, my stomach is still adjusting to “American” food again, which seem strange. I felt very healthy while in Bosnia, I have experienced the same good feeling while abroad in other countries as well, which makes me rethink what I eat in my own country! I do miss the delicious fresh, cheap food in Bosnia.
Coming home, I felt a mixture of feelings. It was
bitter sweet because I love traveling and being immersed in other cultur13450912_10101747042075783_6581742679398281426_nes but at the same time I missed being home. There is nothing about the trip I regret doing, and each
girl in the GSSW group taught me something new. I wish I was able to have other classes with these people but being on a different campus is limiting. Either way I know I will have lasting friendships and will never forget this trip.

The impacts made by the people I met in Bosnia will not easily be forgotten. Hasan and Saliha are two of the most incredible people I have ever met and my perspective on life changed after listening to their stories. Since returning home, I have made more of an effort to stay connected with family and remind myself how I lucky I am to have them. They are a huge part of my life and it is difficult being halfway across the country from them. In the craziness and business of life it is easy to become disconnected with people and I want make sure I do not lose tou13502967_10101751844017653_7909309390943374001_och with the people I love. Life is so unpredictable and being in Bosnia really reinforced that for me.
I really appreciate the opportunity I had to attend this trip and I will have a constant reminder of this each time I look at my pictures as well as each time I talk about my trip and am able to share my knowledge.


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