I can’t believe its been two weeks…

We have now officially been in Sarajevo for two weeks and one day. Sometimes it feels as though we have been here for months, and then other days it feels as though I have just arrived. My levels of anxiety have definitely risen in the past few days as it is setting in that I am away from my friends and family for another six weeks at least. I have absolutely loved getting to know the other individuals in our group. I think every single person brings something amazing to the table with their different life experiences and interests.

This past weekend, a group of ten of us went to Croatia to the beach. It was such an amazing experience. We took two cars, one being automatic and one being manual, and drove six hours to the coast. Some of the roads were extremely sketchy, and there were multiple times that I was so thankful I was not the one driving. We ended up arriving a bit after nine, but was greeted with a beautiful apartment less than ten minutes walk from the beach. It was an absolutely amazing mini-vacation. It was so different from Sarajevo as it was much more touristy, and we were right on the water. It was definitely nice to get away from the city life of Sarajevo for a bit.

Tomorrow morning (at 6am) we leave for Srebrenica to do the Peace March. This walk is three days through the hills in memory of all the individuals that died during the genocide. I am very nervous for it, as I am not in shape in any way or form. But it will be extremely meaningful in more ways than one. The next time I update it will be after the march! Thank you for reading 🙂