Bosnian Summer

While I did not participate in the Peace March commemorating the Srebrenica genocide this weekend due to meetings for my internship which required my attendance, I have had the chance to meet many more Bosnians and explore more of the city.  I have been able to hear many stories from older Bosnians about the war and have also met many former refugees.  My colleagues at work have shared with me some personal, harrowing experiences that I can’t quite wrap my head around.  I have also discovered that my German language skills come in handy here, as I have already met multiple locals who speak it as a second language, but no English (thus, it is actually more useful here than in Germany, where most speak English exceptionally well).  My Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian/former Yugoslavian has improved little by little, as I feel more comfortable ordering food and asking questions for everyday conversation.  Nevertheless, I am still hopelessly lost with the language for the most part.


Now that Ramadan has ended, the city has become even more vibrant during the evenings.  The city is noticeably more crowded at all times of the day, and the noise level outside has drastically risen (fortunately I’m not a light sleeper!).  I am eagerly anticipating the Sarajevo film festival, as just about everyone who lives here has told me it is the most exciting time of the year.  Additionally, I am also looking forward to some upcoming trips we have on our agenda including Mostar and Kravica falls.  I hope to a little more travel outside the country in the next month before heading home (I would feel that I had missed a great opportunity if I don’t manage to make it to Belgrade during my stay here).  In the meantime, I am exploring more of Sarajevo and finding some unique bars and restaurants.  Last night, I found myself in a “Mexican” restaurant which was a strange hybrid of a hookah lounge and nightclub that had very little to do with Latin America.  Despite the food being anything but Mexican, it was delicious and the place had a great vibe.  Next time I’ll be on the lookout for Thai…


The city of Sarajevo by night and day


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