Internship thoughts

I have had an interesting experience with my internship(s), to say the least. My original placement with KULT left quite a bit to be desired. I had the impression that they would have more for me to do, but that was not the case. On top of that, the business manager of the organization did not want me to come into the office for logistical reasons, so I ended up working in my supervisor’s apartment while he was out of town. It was nice to have a place to myself, but ultimately I didn’t enjoy what I was doing and it was incredibly frustrating.

I could not be happier to have changed my placement to Wings of Hope. Everyone who works there does amazing work and the director, Maja, is an inspirational figure. One thing that I especially appreciate is that Wings is fluid in their programming and the way that they serve survivors of the war and Bosnian society in general. They started with a focus on providing mental health care for trauma survivors, which is still an emphasis, but they have broadened their mission to include everything from English lessons for adults who were minor soldiers to free legal aid to an anti-corruption project. It is heartening to work with people who are not only able to see the big picture, but are willing to take it on.

From a personal perspective, i think Wings of Hope is a perfect fit for me. I get to work on a proposal for their legal aid program, utilizing my research skills and legal background as well as honing my grant-writing abilities. At the same time, I am working on English lessons with a former minor soldier, which is completely out of my wheelhouse. I also hope to contribute in some way to their anti-corruption project, which is a vital effort addressing a huge problem in Bosnian society that I am both quite interested in and able to contribute to in a meaningful manner. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to contribute in these small ways to Wings of Hope’s far-reaching mission.


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