Week 7 – Reflection


Tito’s Cold War Bunker. Built to withstand the end of the world, where two world powers couldn’t sort out their differences and decided to battle it out in other countries. Almost the end of mankind because of this us vs. them mentality. We are out of the Cold War now, and yet our world continues to face these dark realities. Refugee crises, the Islamic State, the state of the European Union and the United States, all of this seems to be on the brink of disaster once again. We build monuments of never again, and yet our future doesn’t seem so much different than the past. Not unless we do something about it. The photo above is part of an artistic activist movement to understand the past as well as see how the present and future are not so different. Yet there is still hope in this message. While Bosnia could linger in the tensions that led to the war in the 90’s, as the film Uspomene 677 (put together by the Post Conflict Research Center based in Bosnia and Herzegovina) the goal needs to be to activate the younger generation and re-frame the issue as “What are we going to do next? And how can we work together on this?”. We can choose to linger in the past and continue to make bad decisions, or we can acknowledge that people were hurt on all sides and find a way to make the world a better place. I think my reaction last week was filled with distress that our future mirrors our past and we aren’t doing anything about it. But this week, I am more optimistic. I am more like the quote below, also found at the Tito Cold War Bunker, this future also belongs to me and I will walk through hell and high water to make sure it does not look like the dark past, but something brighter.



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