Photo reflection


Going through my photos from this summer was nearly impossible to pick just 1 to write about. There are thousands. Essentially like asking me to choose a favorite color of Peanut M&Ms. There are no favorites here, they are all delicious. And I will eat them all, please and thanks.

This photo was taken on the most recent and final work trip I had working with Green Visions. A group of 8 women and 1 man (our lucky guide) summited Maglić Peak at 2,386 meters . It is the highest mountain in Bosnia, and directly translated it means “The Foggy One”.  Like something straight out of the Misty Mountain, the views would indeed make Gandalf swoon.  Sutjeska National Park is Bosnia’s biggest park, and was so aptly named because of a famous World War II battle that took place here. Our days hike composed of a border crossing, 360 views of meadows and limestone cliffs, summit coffee breaks and lots and lots of singing. We were the human jukeboxes, singing loudly for Nature and basking in amplified joy.

10 hours later, however,  we were all slightly frustrated, exhausted, stinky and within minutes of the finish line when the sun decided it would give us a sendoff fit for queens.  I couldn’t even be mad at the blisters taking over both big toes, the grumbling tummy noises from a rather conspicuous meat sandwich and the ache of scaling down a mountain.  It was like getting hugged by nature, and it felt amazing.

Sunsets are a magical thing, and dusk has always been my absolute favorite time of day. When the calmness hits, the air seems to suspend in absolute clarity. The receding warmth and the impending coolness of night collide in a transformative peace.  And oh the light- they don’t call it the Golden Hour for nothing.

This summer has brought emotional and physical exhaustion.  It has been some of the best and most difficult moments I’ve yet experienced in life, and it has provoked lots of reflecting, journaling and perhaps too many bottles of wine.  I chose this photo because as the end of our time here approaches, and the start of something new awaits, a sunset seemed both simultaneously appropriate, existentially profound, and humbly awesome (as it is a fairly epic photo, if I do say so myself).



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