Adventure Time with Hugo

Today’s blog post is a little different from my previous entries and marks the return of Hugo the blue hippo who is along for the ride. I was honored to venture into Bosnia’s natural beauty as a guest of the landscape and listen to a different story. For a couple of hours I was lost in the beauty of the natural world, with my silly blue hippo by my side. Today was a day of remembrance for me. With each step I thought of my beloved who no doubt would have loved to do this hike with me. My father, whom I called a day to early to wish a happy birthday. My father’s stories of his childhood in Mexico seemed to fill my head for most of the hike. I thought of my grandparents in Mexico and the hope that I will be reunited, after over ten years apart, with them soon. Finally I thought of my friends whom I call family and the support that they give me every day. My first blog post I spoke to listening to the stories beneath our feet. Today, amongst the scratchy grass and green hills, I feel as though I was truly able to do that for the first time. As I prepare to leave Bosnia at the end of this week, I am full of gratitude and love for the stories I have had the honor and privledge to bear witness to.

Lillian and the Hugo the Blue Hippo


Feeling on top of the world!


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