We started the Lukomir hike next to a medieval grand yard, which started the flooding of new experiences I would come to gain from this excursons. Two guides from Green Visions guided us throughout the hike, Samara one of the guides, grew up going to Lukomir in the summers and her grandparents live in the village. Both guides shared information on the landmarks we pass as well as historical facts about the picturesque surroundings.

Parts of the Lukomir Hike made me feel like I was back in Colorado. With the great rock faces, the beautiful scenery, and icy cold streams the hike was so like the ones I have done in the states. Of course, there were many differences that made this hike unlike anything I have ever done. The biggest difference was that we were on one of the only hiking trails that is walkable without having to worry about stepping on landmines. The freedom we have walking around and going off trail is not always an option in Bosnia. Unfortunately, much of the wonderful scenery and great land that make up Bosnia are inaccessible due to remains from past wars.

At the end of the three-hour hike we arrived at the Village of Lukomir, which is home to thirty people, all of which are over the age of 65. Samara’s grandparents and her aunts greeted us. They gave us some background information on the village and fed us delicious pitas. We watched the sheep, dogs, and sheep herds go about their day-to-day life. The village was such an excellent example of the nomadic lives that so many Bosnians lived, especially prior to the war. This experience made me understand even more the true diversity and beauty of Bosnia.


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