Bosnia has so many stories to tell and it is an endless journey of learning. Even with all the different perspectives we have been given, there is still so much more to know. We were lucky enough to attend a film festival where there was a viewing of the documentary ‘Scream for Me Sarajevo’. The movie basically brought together the concept of war and music and how music can help people heal and unite.

The documentary was based around the band Iron Maiden who came to Sarajevo during the war. They snuck into the country in order to perform a concert, and what made it most interesting is that they could have decided not to play, but as they got to hear the stories and know what was happening to this country, it made it all the more important for them to have this concert occur.

The documentary also included footage of the war in Sarajevo. On this trip we have seen many pictures and videos of the war, but somehow this one made it more real and current. Maybe it was the footage of people just trying to get around the city and being shot down in the streets. These are things we try to do as every day civilians, so it’s impossible for me to imagine a time today where we would need to worry about running down to the store to grab some essentials. This film made a huge impact on me, and I hope this story gets out to the world.


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