Comparing Governments

Amer Osmic, a faculty member at the University of Sarajevo, gave an incredible and animated lecture on the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina and their current government. I can not go into great detail about his lecture, since it was complex and a lot amount of material, however, it was specifically intriguing to understand the sentiments of the citizens of BiH in favor of the period before the war, when it was Yugoslavia. Pre-war BiH was the united country of Yugoslavia, and citizens had the right to jobs and apartments. The country had one government and in comparison with the current government, it was a simple and plentiful time. This sentiment was confirmed later that evening when a few of us met with students from the school of Social Work. When I asked their opinion on Yugoslavia, they agreed, using the lives of their parents as examples. I then asked one of the students about her opinion on Trump. She responded with saying she thought Trump was “smart because he was able to get elected, regardless of his idiotic ways.” I was dumbfounded. This was the first social worker to describe Trump as “smart.” I understand her intention was to acknowledge his ability to make his way into the white house by systematically preying on the small mindedness of apparently the majority of our country and utilizing his Russian boyfriend, but I still felt uneasy. How could anyone give a compliment to Trump? He is the scum of the earth.

With more thought, and more wine, we began to compare our governments. One president to them was surly a better situation than a tri-partisan government; one Croat, one Serb, and one Bosniak, an ethically divided country, with about a billion other useless government officials sucking the economy dry. The situation here is bad. It is inconceivable for me that a people so close in ancestry, are post-war so bound to the importance of religion that parents would “rather their child be gay, then be apart of a ethnically mixed-marriage.” (Please note that the LGBTQ community here is not widely accepted, and multiple accounts of violence have been reported.) The desire for unity is so strong here, Yugoslavia and a Trump America seems better to the citizens.

I checked my privileged, and we all made plans to see each other again


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