Bye, Bye Bosnia

Bosnia is unlike any country I have ever visited. I am still struggling to put my time and experiences in Bosnia into words. We did so much, saw so many places, and never stopped learning. I’m still developing my experience and trying to understand and process everything I learned.

I started my first blog off by stating that the first day of our course was filled with emotional ebbs and flows, and this feeling did not leave me throughout my time in Bosnia. It is a country so rich in history, culture, and diversity and thankfully I was able to see so many different aspects of its richness my time there. I have been taught about resiliency in so many of my classes at GSSW; however, this course truly embodied the term. There was not a single person we met, a place we went, or a lecture we heard where resiliency was just apparent.

The resiliency that is so present throughout Bosnia seems to be embedded with the belief in sudbina, the Bosnian term for destiny. When we met with Saliha she shared her belief in sudbina and how that has helped her to get through the hardships she has endured. It was her destiny. Hasan shared the same belief in sudbina. I am not a religious person, but I can understand and in many ways relate to sudbina. Destiny. It was my sudbina to go to Bosnia.

Thank you Ann for making this course one of a kind and introducing us not only to new knowledge but new relationships and a new outlook on social justice.


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