Returning to Bosnia, First Impressions

IMG_0943After an almost two-year hiatus, it feels great to be back in Bosnia. Although my first experience here was short, at 12 days, it left a unique impression on me that few places have. There are so many aspects that are alluring about Bosnia- its unique mix of cultures, its tragic recent history, the physical beauty, and of course the food. Being back has filled me with an excitement I seldom feel at home and so far the experience has been nothing but positive. I feel strongly a significant part of having had a positive experience here initially (and hopefully throughout the program!) relies on my attitude. For anyone who has traveled, or plans to spend extensive time aboard, being adaptable, open-minded, and accepting are three traits that are a recipe for a positive and fulfilling experience. And so far the whole Global Practice group has exhibited those traits, which I hope will continue to happen! As for my internship, I couldn’t be happier with my with the project (researching de-radicalization methods for Islamic radicals and returned fighters from Syria in Bosnia). The only worry I have is, as an intern who works remotely, I will have a harder time meeting locals to build friendships vs. those who are able to interact with local co-workers every day in person. That said, I’ll just have to adapt to the reality that I will have to put a little extra effort in to make that happen. With one week in the books, I am loving my time here and looking forward to what is in store for the next 7 weeks!


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