Never Forget Srebrenica


When I first heard about Marš Mira, I was sitting in the library talking to Ann about Global Practice Bosnia. At the time, it sounded like an interesting adventure that I definitely wanted to partake in. My first trip to Srebrenica two years ago left me in awe, and I wanted to do something to honour those who lost their lives and the families that had to endure these losses. Leading up to the march, I learned more and more from Ann and past GPB students about the physical and mental stress it puts on your body and mind, yet I didn’t want to back down. It wasn’t until the night before the march that it set in. I was about to walk 60 miles over the next three days. The morning of the march was hectic, yet we met people from all around the world and so many proud Bosnians, and we even met a couple of survivors from the death march. It was an instant reminder of why we were doing the march. During the march, it was hard to remember why I was there, but it all came back when we would pass one of the many mass graves. It was also easy to laugh and have fun with those around you, something I wasn’t expecting. We met so many incredible individuals who lifted our spirits and motivated us to keep going. It is hard to put into words what the march meant to me, and I’m hoping that my time in Bosnia will make it easier to explain. Overall, the march brought me closer to my fellow GPB marchers and closer to this country and the suffering it had to endure, although I will never fully understand what they went through.


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