Consciousness and Coffee.

One of my favorite aspects of my internship is the time we spend talking over coffee.
During this daily ritual, no topic is off limits. Conversation ebbs and flows from fresh and funny to painfully profound. For example, while suffering is fundamental to the human condition, we (in the USA) rarely discuss this casually over coffee. Here it is common place. The daily drumbeat beat of these discussions provide the rhythm for further reflection.
Does experiencing our own suffering allow us to understand, more fully, the suffering of another or do we get so distracted by our own pain that we fail to see it anywhere else? Is there a hierarchy of suffering? And what are the implications of this in individual experience?
These are but a few questions I stir into my cup each morning, in hopes of awakening a deeper understanding about our shared humanity; nowhere else is this a more welcomed practice than over coffee in Sarajevo.


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