The Power of Travel

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself.”

– Danny Kaye

Vacation wouldn’t be the correct term to explain my summer in Bosnia, since I’m working for my internship four days a week, every week we are here. For me, being away from the United States for an extended period of time, even if I am working, is a vacation. I guess I could call it a working vacation. Even then, it’s still a period of relaxation compared to having to work at an internship back in the United States. In Europe, time is elusive.

When I’m not working and digging through the depths of the internet for some research materials, I’m outside, exploring the city that has become my home for eight weeks. Traveling makes me feel ways that I cannot put into words. I love everything about it – the long plane/bus rides (even with a few unfortunate experiences under my belt), discovering new places and cultures, and most of all, discovering myself. Even the thought of long layovers in airports excites me. I’ve already found my favorite restaurants and shops in Sarajevo, and know how to find my way around the city almost flawlessly. Being based in Europe for the whole summer has also given me the opportunity to take weekend trips to other countries. I have had the chance to visit Split, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia already, with a trip to Paris, France booked for this weekend.

I’m a better version of myself when I travel. I’m much happier and easygoing than normal, which most people would consider a blessing knowing my non-travel infused personality. Still trying to figure out the intersection between my degree and a job that will let me travel to every corner of the Earth. As our time winds down here in Bosnia, I’m filled with dread and regret that I won’t be as happy as I am here when I get back to the United States. There’s just something about traveling that opens your mind, and as an academic, there is nothing I love more than learning. I’m also a huge history nerd so being able to see really important historical places is big to me.

Having the opportunity to travel is a blessing, and I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to cross another country off their list at some point in their life, because if they don’t, they haven’t really lived. Every country has something unique and beautiful to offer, and it is so eye opening. Travel really does have power to it.

1984 Olympic Bobsled Track on Mount Trebevic above Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Port of Split in Split, Croatia.
St. Sava Cathedral in Belgrade, Serbia.

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