Beautiful Bosnia


When I first came to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2015, I had no idea what to expect. All I knew about Bosnia was that there was a terrible civil war and genocide, and that the country has still not recovered. No one told me about the lush green mountains, the turquoise waters, and bright blue sky. Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains that are easily accessible and hikeable/bikeable. Unfortunately, because of the war and Bosnia’s history of violence, you rarely hear about it as a popular spot for outdoor tourism. Even when journalists write about outdoor activities in Bosnia, land mines always come up within the first couple of sentences.

Tourism has the potential to drastically change the economy in Bosnia and even lead them to integrate into the EU, like it has done for Croatia, but how does this happen? This is when companies like Green Visions, where I am lucky enough to be doing my internship, come into the picture. I first came into contact with Green Visions during my first trip to Bosnia and they completely changed my perception of Bosnia. As an avid outdoors(wo)men, I was psyched to be going on a hike, but wasn’t sure what to expect. The hike was three hours and the views were phenomenal. I grew up thinking that nothing could be more beautiful than the Colorado rockies, but Bosnia made me question this thinking.

This is why companies like Green Visions are SO important to encourage tourists and especially outdoor tourists to come to Bosnia. There is really something for everyone in Bosnia. You can do a moderate day hike to the highest mountain town in Bosnia, bike through the mountains in Herzegovina, snowshoe Sarajevo during the winter, or raft the turquoise waters of the Neretva River. Tourism companies and those who have been to Bosnia need to get people to come visit, and the beauty of Bosnia will take care of the rest.




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