Krila Nade

“Wings of Hope” a foundation I feel especially fortunate to be apart of this summer as an intern. The mission statement reads: “Improving the social inclusion and strengthening of women, children, youth and other vulnerable groups by promoting and protecting human rights, mental health and support in education” These words are important and I am proud to stand behind them. As a clinical social worker my experiences typically involve working one on one with clients, however here in Sarajevo I am working an entirely different side of the field. We have translated documents, edited and drafted the annual report and wrote the executive summary. I have learned a great deal about human rights, peace building, and the complicated intersections of trying to help marginalized groups in such a troubled economic state. Currently we are working on a project that I am very excited about. We are developing programs to better support the LGBTQ community in Bosnia with a focus on those living with HIV. The stigma and hate towards these individuals in this part of the world is a dangerous issue and I feel proud to be apart of finding and researching solutions. Aside from the work itself, the people we work with are such a joy to be around. Everyday I look forward to the goofy and philosophical conversations that take place over coffee. I have learned so much already and I am saddened that it has to end so soon.



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