Fight hate, fight genocide


There are eight stages to a genocide, according to Gregory H. Stanton, and for each of those stages, there is a range of ways to battle the hate that feeds genocidal mass murder. Today I want to touch on these antidotes to hate but please review Stanton’s Genocide Watch paper (hyperlink above) if you’re interested in learning more.

A List of Ways to Fight Genocide:

  1. Promote mixed categories and actively campaign against ethnic classifications.
  2. Forbid or make insignificant the use of hate symbols and ethnic classification words.
  3. Expose and shut down hate groups and instances of hate speech by necessary means.
  4. Organizations that commit genocide should illegal; members should be arrested and tried and they should be banned from the international community.
  5. Fight polarization by providing financial and technical aid to the moderate center.
  6. If symbolic markers are imposed to make the killing process efficient, a Genocide Watch needs to be declared. Safe areas need to be formed with real military protection.
  7. Once underway, extermination can only be stopped by force.
  8. To overcome denial (the final stage of genocide) requires public trials, truth commissions, and years of education. Impunity must be a thing of the past.



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