All roads lead me to you

I have responded to all of my (important) emails, doctors appointments have been scheduled, syllabi printed, meetings set up, and my new apartment has been moved into. Giving myself time to think about Bosnia hasn’t been a priority, though I know it should be. When I think about it though, I wonder what I am supposed to get out of my reflection of this summer. Closure? I’m closing the door on my summer in Bosnia, but I’ll never be ready to stop learning about and exploring everything Bosnia has to offer. I don’t want to find closure because that is giving myself permission to stop thinking about Bosnia and to move on from my experiences when I need to continue learn from them. My summer in Bosnia was life-altering, and I have grown to respect and love Bosnia more than I could imagine loving a country, other than the one I was born and raised in. Thinking about my experiences this summer fills me with so much joy, nostalgia, and love. Love of Bosnia, ¬†especially Sarajevo, but also of the people I spent the summer with. Without our amazing group, all of our experiences would have been so much different. There will always be a part of my soul in Bosnia and I cannot wait to go back, in two years of course.

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