Final Thoughts

In my experience on any type of service trip or short term trip where you are dropped into a country for a short (but extended) period of time, I often catch myself saying things like “I’ll remember this forever” or feeling like I want to make a life change after something impactful in the moment. For me these feelings tend to last for a few weeks and eventually die off. As I’ve taken some time to think back on my experience these past two months there are a few pieces that I feel particularly significant and also some things that I miss already.

Soooo here are some of the things I miss . . .

  1. Rose juice – seriously, there is nothing quite like it
  2. Call to prayer – for some reason this in particular this is what I miss most after I left. Each night as I traveled I kept waiting for it, and was thrown off by the silence.
  3. I don’t miss sharing a room, but I do miss the hooligans that very quickly became good friends.

As I look back on what I hope to remember, I think what stands out most is the stories of the survivors. To me, what is important is remembering the people and their stories, and continuing to have conversations with people here so more can learn about Bosnia. As much as I feel the need to do something, in all honesty there is not much I can do for the country itself. The only thing really is to help these voices be heard. I think for a country that has given me so much both professionally and personally, it’s the least I can do. Hvala, Sarajevo. Vidimo Se.


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