Bosnia First Impression

Where should I start! This is my first time leaving the country (USA) and there were ups and downs. My flight experience was an adventure. one of my planes made me miss one of my flights. So since that happened, I had to stay in a hotel which made me miss my first day in Bosnia. I learned a valuable lesson on the way here. I learned to never give up on my dreams. I had to basically find another flight just to come to Bosnia. Leaving the country has always been a dream of mind. I also learned that being kind can help me a long way. Through this process, I did not have an attitude and was very kind to the workers that worked at the airport. By me being kind they helped me out a whole lot. I got discount on hotel and plane routes.  I was happy to finally be on my way to Bosnia.

When I finally got to Bosnia, I felt like everything was happing to me all at once. When I got off the plane, I found out that my luggage was lost. So I had on the same outfit for three days lol. But I was in Bosnia! it was no time for me to complain! I just went with the punches. So I got to Bosnia a day late than everyone else. After my long flight, my group and I went hiking. I was already tired from the day but I kinda just ignored it because of the excitement of my new environment.  The first thing I notice was the driving! People drive different so watch out! When I met with my group for lunch, they were at this hotel that really looked nice and guesses what!! It was cheap to stay there! The rooms were very very very nice! Then we went on our tour. I  was very hot and Bosnia reminded me of home in Mississippi.  Seeing the village for the first time was very peaceful. I couldn’t image war or genocide being in Bosnia. I felt like this was a peaceful city. What really touched my heart was the old Jewish cemetery. I felt a sense of anger as I walked through the cemetery. I felt a sense of sadness! The first thing I notice was the bullet holes in the grave. This really made me upset. The act was beyond dirs respectful to me! All I kept thinking was what if this was my family members! or how their loved ones feel! I never saw this in my life. How could they shoot up the cemetery! This was a wake-up call, there are evil people out here in this world. This shows us that this is the world we live in. I learned that if there is night there is day. If there is good there is bad in this world. We can not have one without the other. The cemetery was a humbling and learning experience.  Another experience that I had was on the Olympic track. This was a beautiful place to visit with all the artwork. I know it was the old track but it was still art and it was beautiful. It was a long long walk. Also, there were a lot of lizards so beware! The walk was a good walk. There were a lot of turns and twist but it was worth it. I really enjoyed the different colors that were on the track. the feeling I had were mix emotions. I really enjoyed my first couple of days. There were ups and downs but its all about having a positive perspective.


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